MD International is being formed by a group of physicians who were either trained abroad and moved to Canada or who have international origins and are currently residents of Canada. Although thus formed, the delivery of services will be without any discrimination based on any religion, language or culture.cropped-mdi-new-002

Membership of this organization will be limited and will be based on the rules laid down in the bylaws of the Association.

Mission: To identify, mobilize and advance all possible resources available to the association to enhance health providers’ potential to be a resource for knowledge generation and knowledge translation, increase global access to physical and mental health (as defined by WHO) and to deliver emergency, relief and health development aid where possible and necessary:


MD International

Have a question? Reach out to us by contacting any of the following doctors and researchers listed below:

Are you a physician and new to Calgary?

Our physicians can help you with questions regarding services in Calgary and area and get you connected to other physicians:

Here is list of people who can help:

General Practice:

  • Dr. Zahid Rafiq:
  • Dr. Fozia Alvi:
  • Dr. Asim Hussain:
  • Dr. Fizza Rafiq:
  • Dr. Sarah Makhdoom:
  • Dr. Abdul Qadir Kamran:
  • Dr. Sameena Kamran Bajwa:
  • Dr. Sakina Raj:
  • Dr. Shaheen Raza:


  • Dr. Aamir Daud:


  • Dr. Rehan Masood:


  • Dr. Hussam Bawa
  • Dr. Salim Hamid

Child Psychiatry:

  • Dr. Abdul Rahman:


  • Dr. Adnan Mansoor:

Research and Basic Sciences:

  • Dr. Naweed Syed:
  • Dr. Adnan Mansoor:
  • Dr. Abdul Rahman:

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