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Past events – Inaugural meeting

Start Date: 26-08-2017
End Date: 28 - 08 - 2017

These are pictures from our first MD International meeting that took place on Saturday, January 28, 2012. This was one of the most successful inaugural meetings I have ever seen.

Here is an email that captures the meeting’s essence:

From : Abdul Rahman <>
To: AbdulRahman <>
Envoyé le : Vendredi 10 Février 2012 23h25
Objet : MDI short feedback form

Assalamo Alaikum This is a feedback survey regarding our first MD International meeting. Please fill this out. This survey will help us to steer in the right direction. This is your part of the job! The survey is very short and will be only take few minutes to complete. Thank you.

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

Thanks to all those who attended the 1st MD International meeting on January 28th, 2012. Like any other baby who is newly born, we had our struggles with walking straight. We probably made some mistakes along the way. Here is a chance for us to hear from you, so that we can make an effort to fix what we can. One thing that gave us lot of encouragement was your presence in big numbers. We saw your enthusiasm in your eyes and in your willingness to get involved in different committees. For those who were not present during the meeting, please note that we have set up the following committees to oversee specific projects. The committees are: 1- Organizing Committee: To oversee the activities till we have our formal elections. The elections will be conducted as soon as we have enough mass (at least) in Western Canada. 2- Membership Committee: To increase membership of the organization and to expand it to other cities of Canada. This committee may increase its own membership as well as the membership of the MD International so that the organization becomes a true representative of all Muslim physicians/clinicians/ health scientists from all parts of Canada. It will seek to actively approach all Muslims physicians/ clinicians/health professionals/ medical and social sciences scientists/ health care providers/ of all geographical locations to encourage them to seek membership of this organization so that we can come together for the collective good of mankind. 4- Clinical Services Committee: To plan, organize and execute clinical services including but not limited to health education and awareness. The committee may begin its work by creating a document containing terms of reference for its structure and function as soon as possible. 5- Research Committee: To plan, organize and execute activities to promote scientific query and research in Muslim health care professionals. The committee may begin its work by creating a document containing terms of reference for its structure and function as soon as possible. 6- CME Committee: To plan, organize and execute accredited and non-accredited medical and health education activities. The committee may begin its work by creating a document containing terms of reference for its structure and function as soon as possible. 7- IMG Committee: This will consist of representatives from graduates of International Medical schools. They will coordinate on one hand with the International Medical Graduates to know their needs and on the other hand with the IMG Exam Readiness Expert Committee to create an interphase for realistic deliverables. 8- IMG Exam Readiness Expert Committee: As the name suggests, this committee will consist of physicians who have passed the MCC and Royal College Exams and are in a position to train IMGs to get ready for the exams. They will not be providing any degree of guarantee for getting through the examinations but merely train the new physicians with the general methodology of being a good physician in the Canadian system. This Committee will develop a curriculum calendar and a standardized training program to be conducted in a neutral setting in a professional way. This Committee will also prepare it document containing the curriculum as well as terms of reference and rules of engagement, both for the trainer and the trainee to extensively reduce the possibility of abuse and minimize the issues related to conflict of interest. Please note that when you fill this form out, it does not disclose your identity. We will not know who you are. In case you are inerested to participate in any activity, please write to any of the organizing committee members. ZahidRafiq Dr. <>; FoziaAlvi Dr. <>; YasminMajeed Dr. <>; ShaheenRaza Dr. <>; SakinaRaj Dr. <>; AbdulRahman Dr. <>; NaweedSyed Dr. <>; Chair Reseach Committee SarahMakhdoom Dr. <>; Chair CME Committee SalimHamid <>; Chair IMG Exam Readiness Expert Committee AijazAhmed Dr. <>; Chair Membership Committee HussamBawa Dr. <>; Chair Medical Services Committee