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Breast Cancer Awareness Series

Start Date: 24-10-2021
End Date:

Breast Cancer Awareness Series

MD International brings a series dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October. The series covers the major topics related to breast cancer, incidence, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Topics 1: Breast Cancer Statistics and Incidence- Dr. Fizza Rafiq

Topic # 2: Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms- Dr. Umme Aimen Adnan

Topic # 3: Risk Factors of Breast Cancer- Dr. Sakina Raj

Topic # 4: Stages of Breast Cancer- Dr. Samina Khan

Topic # 5: Breast Cancer Screening- Dr. Mehwish Warsi

Topic # 6: Breast Cancer Prevention- Dr. Narges Qayyum

Topic # 7: Breast Cancer Treatment- Dr. Iffat Zehra Waheed