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Mental Health Webinar Series

Start Date: 28-02-2021
End Date:

MDI Mental Health Webinar Series

MD International brings a webinar series dedicated to Mental Health. The series will cover a wide range of topics related to mental health issues and the increase in a pandemic situation. COVID19 has escalated the frequency and complexity of mental health problems for all age groups. Therefore, we will clarify the widely discussed problems and solutions with experts from the field of medicine, psychiatry, and pychology. These discussions will cover the questions collected from audience to address the needs on information and awareness.

Webinar # 1: Why are Mental Health Issues Skyrocketing – What to do?

What are mental health issues related to COVID?

How to deal with mental health issues during COVID?

What are the accessible resources?”

Webinar # 2: What are signs of Depression and Suicide? What is Bipolar Disorder?

Date: 9 March 2021 | TUESDAY | 7:00 PM MST


Dr. Hamid Salim

Sr.Syeda Abbas


Dr. Umme Aimen Adnan


Webinar # 3: How to cope with Stress and Anxiety during COVID?

Date: 16 March 2021 | TUESDAY | 7:00 PM MST


Dr. Muhammad Naseer

Dr. Mim Fatmi


Dr. Samina Khan


Webinar # 4: Mental Health issues in youth and teens

Zoom Learning, ADHD, dangers of sitting on sofa or chair for extended hours during COVID-19

Date: 23rd March 2021 | TUESDAY | 7:00 PM MST


Dr. Shaheen Raza

Dr. Dina Munim


Dr. Mehwish Riffat


Webinar # 5: Mental health challenges for elderly at home and long term facilities.

Date: 30th March 2021 | TUESDAY | 7:00 PM MST


Dr. Nadeem Bhani

Dr. Sarah Makhdoom


Dr. Munazza Salim



Webinar # 6: Covid -19 and it’s impact on families , rise in Domestic violence

Date: 6th April 2021 | TUESDAY | 7:00 PM MST


Dr. Tehmina Munaf

Dr. Aleena Shariff


Dr. Narges Quyyum