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MD International raises $15000 to support education

Start Date: 18-04-2022
End Date:

In 2021, MD International and Teach a Kid Make Individual Life- Canada (TAKMIL) signed an MOU to collaborate on education projects for out-of-school children in rural communities of Pakistan. TAKMIL aims to provide education to out-of-school children in rural and underprivileged communities with no access to education. As part of this collaboration, MD International pledged to support the education of 150 children in 3 remote communities in FATA, KPK; Mirpurkhas, Sindh; and Jhang, Punjab.

In 2022, as part of the collaboration, MDI raised $15000 to continue supporting education and also provide health care to these children. This commitment to education will ultimately transform these rural communities and uplift them to have a sustainable future.