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I am a COVID Guardian

Start Date: 02-01-2021
End Date:

MD International stepped in desperate times and pioneered a community initiative “I am a COVID Guardian”. The initiative went viral among all community members and everyone participated in this fight against COVID. This awareness campaign engaged community organizations, leaders, youth, and the general public united against the COVID.

“ I am COVID Guardian “
Campaign by MD-International

MDI has taken an initiative during second wave of COVID -19 in Alberta by starting a campaign “ I am a COVID Guardian “

The campaign has four components

1- Reaching out to different communities:
Video messages on prevention and limiting spread of COVID-19 by involving different community leaders and community members to share their messages in their own languages . These video messages are shared on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

“Around 100 videos in over 25 languages have been done .”


Here is a great message by Dr. Fizza Rafiq as part of the campaign “I am a COVID Guardian”.


Become a COVID Guardian

These unprecedented times need unprecedented steps. ALL OF US need to do our bit. We are starting this campaign and we will be requesting leadership at all levels to support us get the word out. We will support any initiatives which aim to create awareness to help us overcome this menace of COVID19.

Posted by MD-International on Sunday, 29 November 2020


2- Involving International Medical Graduates in contact tracing :

With the help of AHS and the Government of Alberta, we are trying to engage our international Medical graduates to get involved. They are great sources in our community who can make strong bridges between different ethnic communities and health care providers as they belong to various ethnic backgrounds and can communicate with their people in their own language to provide the information as per AHS guidelines.
We are collaborating with AIMGA now and around 70-90 IMGs are hired already.

3- Creating Awareness about upcoming COVID-19 Vaccines :

MD-INTERNATIONAL Scientific and Research committee has organized a free interactive webinar on Myths , Mysteries and Facts of COVID-19 Vaccines . Webinar was held on December 17th at 7:00 pm and has reached more than 5K peoples on national and international levels .

Myths, Mysteries and Facts

Information you need before you get your vaccine. Listen in to this informative session with Dr. Naweed Syed (the scientist who created worlds first microchip that can communicate with human brain). Here are all the panelists: Dr. Naweed Syed: Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Neuroscientist, Chief Scientist at UoCDr. Muhammad Imran: Epidemiologist, Senior Technical Adviser at Save the Children – USDr Imran Mirza: Provincial Medical Lead, Pathology.

Posted by MD-International on Thursday, 17 December 2020

4- Fundraiser for collecting money for food for needy families in our community.

MDI will be collaborating with local organizations to help and support in their initiatives to help families who are effected by Covid -19 Pandemic.

Meals for U is a joint initiative by MDI and Pakistani Community Associations to provide hot and cooked meals to low income Covid positive families . We have been raising funds from our platforms to support this campaign. Since December 22nd we have provided , healthy , nutritious food prepared by an authentic restaurant in Calgary to more than 100 people at their door steps .